3 Reasons to Book a Staycation during the Pandemic

3 Reasons to Book a Staycation during the Pandemic

We may not be able to travel like we are used to, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a staycation. A “staycation” is basically a vacation in your city. I’m the “Queen of Staycations.” After the loss of my husband in 2019, followed by the sale of our home, I decided that it would be a great idea to resume my “self-care routine.”

Every month, I pull out my FLY Planner, pick a weekend, then select a hotel to book for my Self-Care Staycation.

You may be thinking, “Maybe I should book a staycation?” If you are thinking it, then the answer is YES! Here are 3 Reasons WHY You Should Book a Staycation.

  1. You deserve a break. You are tired. You have been living in a pandemic for almost a year. Sleeping in a comfortable hotel bed and then waking up in a hotel room with blackout curtains is life. Staying in bed watching what you want on TV is amazing. Not having to make the bed, cook dinner or do laundry is priceless.

***If you haven’t slept away from home or been away from your kids during this time, don’t even read the other two reasons. Go straight to BOOKING.***

  • A change of scenery is always good. Spending the night in a hotel is refreshing. A different bed. Different décor. Different menu. Different cocktails. Depending on the location, you can tour the city and discover something new. For creatives, new surroundings help to get those creative juices flowing again. For couples, it’s a chance to change things up.
  • Staycations are budget-friendly. The most common reason for not taking a vacation is cost. Let’s face it, even before the pandemic, traveling was expensive. Right now, hotel prices are lower and there are also certain days of the week that are cheaper. Some hotels offer packages with food credits and even spa discounts. This makes for a great staycation! Plan ahead. Slower seasons will give you much more bang for your buck! For New Orleans, Papa Noel Rates during the holiday season allow you to book a staycation at a great price. COOLinary Month in New Orleans is a great opportunity to check out local restaurants with prix fixe menus during your stay.

Are you ready to book your staycation? When was your last Staycation?

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of this Series!


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