Black Don’t Crack: 5 Ways To Fight Aging

Black Don’t Crack: 5 Ways To Fight Aging

I see everyone posting their 10 year Challenge Pics again, and it just confirms that “Black Don’t Crack.” If you’ve never heard this saying before, it references the fact the black women age well. If I had a dollar for every time someone didn’t believe I was 40, y’all I’d be rich.

I know y’all wanna know the secrets. I consulted my Bougie Beauty experts and we agreed on 5  ways that you can fight aging.

1. Clean your face. It’s that simple. Make sure that you are removing all makeup. Cleansing twice a day is vital. – Nola Bougie

2. Opt for Tinted Moisturizer or a BB cream when you can. Save the full coverage foundation for date nights and special events. -Tracie Turner, Face By Trace

3. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Dehydrated skin ages way faster than any other skin type. Keep your skin hydrated and wear your sunscreen and you should look young forever! -Krystal Armstrong, Andrelles Natural Skin Care

4. Exfoliating removes the dead skin, which allows your serums and moisturizer to actually work. -Elise Lucas,  Esthetique Facial Spa

5. Use a PM retinol or prescription retinoid (like tretinoin) and a moisturizer  –Dr. Turegano


Bous we can’t STOP aging, so we have to Embrace it! Who used to say “grow old gracefully?” I also try to make my facial appointments and I use at home masks! Stay tuned for some of my favorite products! Check out this book: Eat Pretty!


What are some of your beauty secrets? What are some of your favorite products?