How My Son Saved My Life

How My Son Saved My Life

I’ll never forget Kevin Durant’s MVP speech in 2014 when he said to his mother, “You sacrificed for us. You’re the real MVP.” One day I will sit down with my son and tell him how he saved my life. At the age of 4 he lost his father, his hero. I’m often asked how I am able to keep going and my answer is simply, “my son.” Losing his father two days before Christmas almost took me out. What mother wants to tell their child that their father is gone. Christmas was already ruined for me, but I couldn’t do that to my baby. It was because of him that I continued to get up in the morning and even smiled through the tears when he opened his gifts from Santa.

It was the random hugs and snuggles that kept me going when I didn’t think that I could. It was the “I love you mom” that I heard when my heart was breaking in a million pieces. It was the “mom you are doing an amazing job” when I wondered how the hell was I gonna do this on my own. This kid saved my life.

I could never forget the difficult pregnancy and even remember saying, “boy you better be something special after all I went through to get you here.” Well, he was created for a purpose and I had no idea. This miracle baby is my rock. I look into his big brown eyes and see his father. He is my strength. I can’t wait to tell him that one day.

These last 10 months have been quite a journey, but we are surviving together. We cry together. We laugh together. Moe used to say that he and I were “inseparable.” Well, it looks like now it’s Mojo and I. As we approach one year as a party of two, we are putting together our “travel bucket list” and will take Moe along in our hearts. If you aren’t following our Instagram page, please do!

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The first stop is….Colorado!

Where else should we go? Let us know!

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