My First Hair Appointment During the Pandemic

My First Hair Appointment During the Pandemic

My last hair appointment was on March 13th and I’m so glad that I let my stylist cut my hair lower than usual. Well, today I went to my first hair appointment during the pandemic. On May 16th, the City of New Orleans eased the Stay Home Order and restrictions on some low-risk operations. Some of the operations allowed in Phase One include shopping malls and retail stores, food service establishments, beauty and nail salons, gyms and houses of worship.

In order to open, businesses were required to register with the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office. Beauty and nail salons were also mandated to service by reservation or appointment only. Masks and face coverings were required.

I contemplated making a hair appointment. Several questions popped into my head. Would it be safe? Would there be other people in the salon? Was it really worth the risk? I found myself comparing my weekly trips to the grocery store my visit to the salon. To ease my mind, I went to my inbox to read the email titled “Top 5 Changes” from my stylist, Chissel. It was like she read my mind.

The email stated that the salon and rules had changed. My stylist works in a salon suite, so I was already comfortable with being the only client serviced. The email stated that clients were to wait in their cars until they were notified that it was time for their appointments. Face masks were required for entry. Upon arrival, clients are to wash hands. The salon is sanitized before and after the service. Appointment times are blocked for a minimum of 2-3 hours to ensure that this takes place. This email reassured me that it would be safe for both myself and my stylist.

I booked the appointment for today, Memorial Day. If you have been looking at my stories, then you know I needed it. I arrived for my appointment and just as the email stated, I received a text from Chissel that it was time to come up. She was waiting at the door (with her mask on) and escorted me in. As soon as I walked into the salon, I put my things down and was instructed to wash my hands. I sat down and began my service. I have been a client of hers for some time, so I was never concerned about the cleanliness of her salon. As I looked around, everything was neat, as usual and I noticed the hand sanitizer, oil diffuser (with some germ fighting stuff she mentioned), wipes and Barbicide. By the way, all stylists should have completed the necessary Barbicide training to reopen. She showed me all of her cleaning products. She washed her combs and utensils in front of me after using them on me! She let me know that it was normal and to not take it the wrong way. It didn’t bother me one bit! We talked about the requirements to reopen. She said that most of the things that were required are things that stylists should been doing. For example, a new cape should be used after each client. Combs and shears should be sterilized after each use.

For the most part, my appointment seemed just like it always was. It was just the two of us. We talked and listened to music. I received my much needed hair cut and Olaplex treatment. My credit card was already on file so the payment process was contact free. I rebooked my next appointment!

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Olaplex Steam Treatment

Will I get my nails done? Probably not. I have press on nails and an at home manicure kit to play with!

What about you? Have you been to the hair salon? How was the experience?