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Can we normalize self-care for moms? We deserve self-care and shouldn’t be shamed about it. After the birth of my son in 2015, I was determined to prove everyone who said I wouldn’t be able to practice self-care wrong. There are women who actually believe that once you get married or have a baby, your life is OVER. Well, I’m here to say that life is definitely not over. You now have a reason to make sure that you don’t lose yourself in the process.

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Self-Care Generation

We are a new generation of moms, also known as Generation X and Y, who are born between 1965 and 1996. These women are most likely over the age of 35 who decided to have a child later in life. It’s often been said that we are the cool moms, not just regular moms. There is a children’s book, Five Minutes Peace, and all Mrs. Large wants is five minutes’ peace from her energetic children, so she heads to the bathtub for some well-deserved quiet time. Sound familiar?

We are also the generation of moms who often heard “moms don’t get breaks.” Our mothers don’t quite understand why we need a break from our families because they didn’t. They didn’t book spa days or staycations. Taking a Girl’s Trip is unnecessary and we are often mom-shamed for practicing self-care. Generation X and Y moms can put an end to this by normalizing taking breaks.

Self-Care for Moms

If you have ever been on an airplane, then you have heard the flight safety instructions, “if there is a loss of cabin pressure…be sure to adjust your own mask before helping others.” This means that we have to “put on our mask first” before taking care of our families. We have to be healthy and happy in order to be the best moms that we can be. I truly believe that Self-Care makes us better parents.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Establishing boundaries with your kids
  2. Saying No to volunteering
  3. Letting the kids go to aftercare
  4. Taking a bubble bath
  5. Waking up 30 minutes before the kids

My Favorite Things to Do

It is no secret that I LOVE Self-Care. I am a pharmacist, widow mom and entrepreneur who makes time to practice self-care daily. There are so many myths about self-care. The truth is that self-care doesn’t have have to be expensive or time-consuming. Every month, I create a self-care challenge and share tips and ideas.

Here are my 5 favorite things to do in New Orleans:

  1. Staycation at my favorite hotels
  2. Shopping on Magazine Street
  3. Brunch with friends
  4. Visiting the Museums
  5. Taking a yoga class
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Self-Care is essential. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Moms deserve breaks and should not feel like we aren’t good moms when we take one. Our families deserve the best of us, not what’s left of us. Tell another mom that it’s OK to take a break today and let’s normalize self-care for moms.

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