The Best Hotel Bathtub for Self-Care

The Best Hotel Bathtub for Self-Care

Finding the best hotel bathtub for self-care has been a challenge. We live in such a fast-paced world that it has become almost impossible to just slow down. For a busy mom like me, 30 minutes alone in a hotel bathtub full of bubbles is self-care. Taking a bath is a luxury that most people don’t experience anymore. A hotel bathtub is a the top of my list of requirements when I am booking a staycation or getaway. Sadly, most hotels no longer offer bathtubs and have walk in showers instead. 

I have researched this topic extensively because I needed answers. I needed to know why hotels are getting rid of this amenity. Some articles state that travelers are just too busy. Others state that travelers think that hotel bathtubs are gross and researchers claim that hotel bathtubs are a huge source of bacteria. 

When I sold my house in 2020, I realized that those nights of soaking in my jacuzzi tub with a glass of champagne were gone. So, booking staycations and getaways at luxury hotels with large bathtubs was my solution. When announced the job opening for Bath Boss, I just knew that it was the perfect job for me. No, I didn’t win, but it didn’t stop my quest to take a bath in the most luxurious hotels all over the country. 

This is my Bath Journal where l will document all of my favorite hotel bathtubs.

Maison de la Luz

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The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown

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Four Seasons New Orleans

The Best Hotel Bathtub for Self-Care - image img_4926-768x1024 on

The Chloe

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Higgins Hotel

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