What To Expect During a Spa Day

What To Expect During a Spa Day

Your spa day is booked, but as a newbie, you have questions. What should you expect during a spa day? Well, I spent 7 hours in the Spa at Windsor Court. Let me tell you what to expect during a spa day and how to prepare for a day of self-care.

I get it, there are so many services to choose from! A huge misconception about visiting the spa is that it’s only for massages. Oh my girl, that’s ONLY the beginning. I think we can all agree that when we are booking a spa day, it’s because we NEED a day of relaxation. Let me start off by saying that this entire experience should be stress-free. I’m here to help you navigate through the booking of services and preparing for your day of pampering at Windsor Court. I spoke with the Spa Director Brennan Rosonet and she gave me all of the deets!

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Relaxation Lounge

How to Prepare for Your Spa Day

The key to an amazing experience is preparation. Make sure that you are aware of all the appropriate scheduling and polices before your appointment so that you can truly unplug. Confirm your appointment time up to two full days prior to your appointment, so you are prepared to show up on time. I recommend allowing yourself no fewer than 30 minutes to check in, get changed into your plush robe, and begin your relaxation process before you go into your treatment service. Reading over the Spa Policies will give you a clear understanding of the rules for your Spa day. You will also be required to complete paperwork about your general medical history. Proper Spa Etiquette is expected to help ensure that you and all spa guests can make the most of your time in the spa, without unnecessary noise or hiccups. Turn off your phone ringer and disconnect from your screen. This will allow you to really experience the space and achieve total relaxation, which is the ultimate goal. Pack a bag with your bathing suit to enjoy the sauna, steam room and rooftop pool. Hydration is also key! Make sure you are adequately hydrated, and try to stay away from any alcohol until your treatments have ended. Massage can exacerbate the affects of alcohol, so one mimosa may feel like three! If you have had an exciting night on the town prior to your service, make sure you prepare by upping your water intake in the morning. This will help to flush out any toxins in your system, and will leave you feeling invigorated after your massage. Refrain from too much sun exposure in the days leading up to your appointment, as a sunburn can make your experience a bit less relaxing. Try to avoid shaving at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to prevent irritation.

Choosing a Spa Service:

There are a wide variety of Spa Services at SWC! The massages are all full body services, so you will leave feeling balanced and renewed. Unsure of how to choose? Think of what you would like your experience to be like.


Swedish Massage – Light to medium pressure, with long fluid massage strokes. Ideal for deep relaxation, and the perfect massage for beginners. Jazz it up with added Aromatherapy!

Deep Tissue – Great for those stubborn areas of tension. Do you work out a lot? This is perfect massage for sure muscles. Medium to deep pressure, your therapist will use their forearms and elbows to work out the deep fibers of your muscles. Afraid it will be too much pressure? Ask for a medium pressure, and don’t worry,  your therapist will check in constantly to see if the pressure is just right. Upgrade your experience with Aromatherapy, and a dry body brush for some nice exfoliation and added assistance in draining any stagnant lymphatic fluid!

Hot Stone – Who doesn’t love a warm cozy massage? If you are a fan of heat therapy this massage is for you! Heated stones help to relax the muscles and melt away tension. Your therapist will use warmed stones to perform long massage strokes, and pinpoint areas that need a little bit more TLC. This massage is more of a light to medium pressure, and ideal for total relaxation – you WILL fall asleep. Total Spa Goals!

Align Massage – This massage combines their Swedish technique with assisted stretching. This massage is a must for anyone traveling or sitting for long periods of time. The light to medium pressure will warm up your muscles, while assisted stretching will help to open tight shoulders, hips, and legs. Think of it as a yoga class with no effort on your part! Jazz this massage up with a hot stone add on! 

Can’t decide? Go with their Custom Massage! After a brief consultation with your therapist, they will tailor a massage that combines the above techniques to create a bespoke service just for you! 

Body Treatments

Body Treatments are another amazing way to combine the benefits of massage with some extra skin loving care! Each service includes a full body massage, with products chosen to add specific benefits to your skin. Here is my guide to Body Treatments:

SWC For All Body Treatment – Combines their Swedish massage with a luxurious body scrub and dry body brush for smooth glowing skin! Coconut oil is used in place of massage oil for deep hydration. This service also includes a luxe rinse in our multi-jet shower! ***FLY Approved***

Lord Jones CBD Body Treatment – Let yourself be carried away to the deepest meditative state with our fan favorite body treatment! Luxurious CBD infused oils are used during your massage to promote a feeling of peace and calm. This treatment begins with a delicious CBD gummy, and used all Lord Jones products crafted with only the highest quality ingredients. If your goal is to disconnect and rest, you will love this service! 

The Method Body Treatment – Using only Augustinus Bader products, this deeply reparative service is like an intensive hydration boost for the skin. Patented TFC8 complex from Augustinus Bader promotes collagen and elastin production, and restores your skin to a smooth and silky canvas. This treatment is our most luxurious, and will give you a full body glow for days after!


Facials! Facials! Facials! What is any spa day without extra attention to your beautiful face?! Facials are one of the most effective ways to cleanse and tone your skin. A full cleanse, exfoliation, masks, and extractions are par for the course, but how can you maximize your time in the skincare room?

SWC Custom Facial– The most popular facial treatment! This service is fully customized to your exact needs! Are you experiencing dryness, dehydration, blemishes, pigmentation? Let their Esthetician craft a service that will address all of your needs and more! This is an amazing facial for newbies, teens, and long time facial clients. They will customize products to address specific concerns, and can help to create a skincare routine for you to use at home as well! This treatment includes all of the classic facial steps, as well as a luxurious face massage. Looking to boost hydration and calm irritation or redness? Ask for an Oxygen blast. Pure oxygen is infused into the skin for a radiant glow. Add LED to address pigmentation, and collagen production. Microcurrent for a lift that will last for days!  ***FLY Approved***

The Method Facial – The most luxurious facial, The Method is like a reset button for skin. This facial uses only Augustinus Bader products and patented techniques to maximize your experience. Perfect for mature skin, sensitized skin, and anyone curious about trying the brand. It is the number one skincare brand in the world for a reason!!


Nail Treatments are the perfect pick me up! Their expert technician Imani, will quickly become your best friend! She will buff, polish, and shape your nails, and melt away your stress with her massage skills! She is a true delight! Sip on a glass of champagne and enjoy beautiful views of the city.

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Spa Retail

One of my favorite places to shop for self-care products is the Spa! This is a great way to continue your self-care practice at home with the same products that were used during the service.

Some of their retail lines include:

Skin and Body Care: Augustinus Bader, Vintner’s Daughter, Dr. Dennis Gross, Hanacure, Avene, Lord Jones, Hampton Sun, Jillian Dempsey,  ZIIP Microcurrent Devices.

Tools and Wellness: Lanshin Gua Sha Tools, Spoosh Accupressure Mats, HUM Nutrition Supplements, Absolute Aromas Essential Oil Blends, DRX Specralite LED Mask for the face and Body.

Lifestyle and Gifts: Diptyque candles, fragrances, and body products, SLIP Silk pillowcases and scrunchies, Lunya Silk Pajamas and Robes, Kuratif Jewelry, Mason Pearson brushes and combs, and Olaplex Haircare, HOBO leather bags

Are you ready for your spa day? I’m so proud of you for taking the necessary actions towards putting yourself FIRST. Proper self-care makes you a better mom, spouse, caregiver or entrepreneur.

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Come back to this post and tell me ALL about your Spa Day!


  1. This super helpful! Last year, I went to the Spa at WIndsor Court during a staycation (thanks to your advice), but I clearly only scratched the surface during that visit. I’m planning to return this year and will be sure try more services. That Align Massage sounds like exactly what I need!

  2. This all sounds wonderful!! I’m just wondering if it’s advised that I partake in a spa day/ Massage since I am currently dealing with a “possible” torn rotator cuff??
    But, my shoulders are really tight and I’m in serious need of a massage.

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