Why I took a Self-Care Sabbatical

Why I took a Self-Care Sabbatical

Most people take a sabbatical to return to school, spend time with loved ones or complete personal goals. I took a self-care sabbatical in December, and it was the self-care prescription refill that I needed to start the new year focused and refreshed.

What is a self-care sabbatical?

A self-care sabbatical is a break from work (or whatever is stressing you out) so that you can focus on YOU. Self-care sabbaticals don’t have to be extravagant or expensive. You don’t have to book a hotel room or travel to make it a reality. A self-care sabbatical also does not mean that you must “unplug” from the world. To be honest, sometimes that creates more stress and anxiety when you return to voicemails and emails.

You know what you need, so you make ALL the rules.

My self-care sabbatical was all about self-compassion, which happens to be my word for 2022. The intention was to simply “be nice to me.”

Where did I stay?

I was hosted for a weekend by Sextant Stays, at one of their rental properties in the Warehouse District, The Brandywine. This 2 bedroom, 2 bath home was more than enough space for me with a nice bathtub, fully stocked kitchen, and Smart TVs in each bedroom.

What did I pack?

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I packed my overnight bag with all the self-care essentials:

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  • Cozy loungewear
  • Silk pillowcase
  • Wellness Supplements
  • Skincare faves
  • Bath salts
  • Tea
  • Champagne
  • Body Butter
  • Facial Mask
  • Books (devotionals)
  • Laptop

What did I do?

Why I took a Self-Care Sabbatical - image  on https://yourselfcareprescription.com

I spent my 3-day self-care sabbatical doing what I felt like doing. I binge-watched my favorite shows, gave myself a hair treatment, and exfoliated my feet. The purpose of weekend was to be kind to myself. I didn’t isolate myself. I took a walk around the Warehouse District and even stopped by the Ogden Museum and Contemporary Arts Center to check out the Prospect.5 New Orleans exhibit. One of the goals for this weekend was to write down my goals for 2022, so I completed that. I even completed all the required continuing education to renew my Louisiana Pharmacist license.

Do you need a self-care sabbatical?

If you are thinking about taking a self-care sabbatical, this is your sign! We all need a break from life stressors. Sometimes a booking a flight to our favorite resort isn’t an option. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take a sabbatical. There are so many other options. You can even do this in the comfort of your own home! They key is to PLAN it!

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