Wellness Staycation at Hotel Fontenot

Wellness Staycation at Hotel Fontenot

Have you ever booked a wellness staycation? Booking a staycation in New Orleans is a part of my self-care plan. Once a month, I choose a local hotel for a kid-free night of relaxation. My selection criteria include a large bathtub, a comfy robe and wellness amenities. I am a busy mom, health care professional and entrepreneur who became a widow right before the start of the pandemic. While most people book hotel stays for girl’s trips, weddings or family vacations, my reason is simply, a break.

Kimpton Hotel Fontenot is a newly opened chic and trendy boutique hotel in downtown New Orleans. Of course, it’s location is perfect for tourists, but I want to talk about the luxury hotel amenities that make it a great place for a wellness staycation.

Wellness Staycation in microfiber robe

Luxurious Frette Linens: Drift off to a good night’s sleep wrapped in sateen linens by Frette. I must admit I hit the snooze button quite a few times that Sunday morning.

Black Trim Microfiber Robe with Embroidered Feather: A plush, comfy robe is always on my list of must haves in the hotel room. This Frette robe did not disappoint. The sizing was generous too, so I didn’t mind lounging the day away.

King Suite with Soaking Tub: They had me at soaking tub, my number reason for booking a staycation. Bath salts are included.

Wellness Staycation with large tub

Atelier Bloem Bath & Body: This product line was created exclusively for Kimpton hotels. The products include oolong tea shampoo, geranium conditioner, kadota fig body lotion and mandarin and citrus body wash.

In-room Gaiam Yoga mats: Start your day with intention and grab the yoga mat for a quick in-room session.

24-hour fitness center, including Peloton bicycles: If you can’t risk missing rides for the power zone challenge either, there are two peloton bikes available.

Wellness staycation workout in gym

Complimentary Public Bikes: Hop on a bike and be a tourist in your own city.

Hotel Fontenot curated running guide: If you are that person who runs a 5K on Thanksgiving morning, this is for you.

Talkspace partnership: Mental health is an important part of wellness and Kimpton Hotel Fontenot has partnered with Talkspace and you can do online therapy from the comfort of your phone. Kimpton guests new to Talkspace receive $100 off the first month of any Talkspace plan by entering code “KIMPTON” in the app.

Contrary to popular belief, self-care is not always spa days and pedicures. Sometimes it’s a staycation, a workout, or a therapy session. May is Mental Health Awareness month and this week is National Women’s Health Week. This is a reminder to put yourself first and make time for wellness and self-care.

What are some of your favorite ways to practice self-care?

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